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60min Endurance Multi-Copter!

  • Technology

    Maximization of Efficiency with 60-minute Flight

    With up to 60min of flight time, PANDION achieves the maximum efficiency in using drone by overcoming the biggest problem of conventional short 20min endurance multi-copter.

  • Technology

    Effective Solution

    PANDION provides the most effective solutions in various fields for instance day and night surveillance and reconnaissance, inspection and security of major national infrastructure such as, dams, transportation facilities, and energy industries.



Operating Range 3km (Real Time Video Transmission)
Cruise Flight Speed 5-15 m/s
Endurance 45-60min
Max Payload 700g
Camera EO/IR. Gas Detection sensor
Gimbal 2, 3-axis gimbal
Size 1030 * 310 (5kg)
Mission Inspection, Security, Surveying


  •  Payload

    Multi Spectral

    Monitor of vegetation index

  •  Payload

    Optical Camera

    Inspection of structures using high-definition cameras

  •  Payload

    Gas Detection Sensor

    Gas leak detection

  •  Payload

    EO/IR (Dual)

    Reconnaissance and surveillance of downtown day and night


PRENEU is the brand centering on customers and specializing in drones based on superior technologies.